Conscious Tourism


We’re creating a sustainable business that serves as an example for other specialists to earn from their passions too

We are not bound by convention.

Our routes avoid the crowds. We meet outside of the city to not contribute to congestion – countless hours of vehicle engine’s running idle.

We take our own water bottle.

We make decisions based on least harm to our planet.

Yes, we have an impact, but we can minimise that impact through careful selection of our service providers and equipment use.

We take into account the Environmental cost.

If it lasts longer and breaks down safely then it should be the better choice – even if the initial cost is higher.

We support Non Profit Organisations that activate people

Non Profit organisations help governments to outsource important social, cultural & environmental good. Good Nonprofits get stuff done.

We’ve partnered with’s ecosystem restoration projects: 1 trip = 1 tree planted.

We’ve created The RockHopper Fund, a South African shark and large marine predator research organisation – providing the facts and resources required to solve marine and coastal conservation challenges since 2009.